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Why is my iphone not charging when plugged in?

Not charging your iPhone, learn what should do.

When the iPhone, Ipad, or iPod not charging or charge, but slowly, you might think it is an alert message for you. It’ll happen, and it has more reason. It is also not an uncommon issue. So, don’t feel instability if you see that the iPhone is not charging when plugged in.

Today, our post is about the iPhone not charging when plugged in or charge but slowly. You should follow a few tips to solve this issue. Here we will share our best experiences with you. We are sure that they will help you and you will recover your iPhone at home.


iphone not charging

Let’s start.

What should do when iPhone not charging

Step-1: Hard reset the phone

If you can see that your iPhone is not charging when plugged in or charge slowly, you need to reset the phone very fast. Before checking any hardware, you should check for any software malfunction. You should do it because sometimes iPhone software doesn’t allow work for charging your iPhone.

To reset the hard of your phone, press and hold down the Volume button or home button or power button. You can do it according to your iPhone model. Now you can try give charge the iPhone again. If still, it doesn’t work, then you should try the next steps. They maybe work for charging.

Step-2: Check the cable

Why iPhone not charging when plugged in? Most of the time, your phone doesn’t charge for cable damage. It can happen. So, check the lightning cable for any damage. First, look at the cable both the side at the end carefully.

Try to discover there has any scratch, broken tip, or dents on the golden strip. If your cable doesn’t have such those injuries, you should try to check the wire following the next steps.

  1. Connect the iPhone with the charger to the PC. If you see that the iPhone won’t charge, it confirms the charger itself is the main reason for this issue.
  2. You can also see that your charger has any problem or not. To check this issue, you can connect the phone charger to your car. If you also notice that your iPhone doesn’t charge, it must be the charger problem.
  3. Now check the socket that you use to check the charger till now. Now change the plug to check the charger cable. Use another outlet instead of the same location socket and check the charger. If it doesn’t work here, you can think that it is a charger problem.
  4. As the last try, you can go to your friends who use the iPhone and the same model of your phone. You can try his phone charger to check why your phone is not charging when plugged in. If you also can see that this charger is working on charging, you will confirm that your regular charger is the main reason for not charging.

When you can discover the problem of the charger, it is time to change the cable of the iPhone. You should use high-quality and brand cable so that you don’t face such an issue again. If you can’t find out any problem with the cable, you should try the next step.

Step-3: check to charge port

Sometime it will happen that your iPhone not charging when you plugged in. The reason for it can use the charging port. So, check the port carefully. If you see that the port includes dust or dirt, you should use a small brush to clean the port. But keep in mind that you should do it very carefully because it is a susceptible area. Use the brush gently and take a soft brush to handle this job.

How can you use the brush?

  1. When you can see that the port contains dust, stop to connect your phone for charging. Take a soft and clean brush and use it to clean your iPhone’s charging port. You must give enough time to complete this task successfully.
  2. For checking the port use need use a flashlight if there is any dust or junk left inside the charging port. Remember that you don’t go hurry to do it.
  3. If you can see still there has a few junks, you should repeat the task. You should do it till the waste doesn’t remove altogether.

When you can eradicate the dust or junk, now your phone is ready to connect with the charging port.

Step-4: Dropped your phone into water

If your iPhone isn’t waterproof, it can damage when it dropped into water. It is liquid damage, and it is also a common issue for the phone. Suddenly it will happen; you should do some essential job.

  1. If your iPhone drops into water, don’t plug in for charging. At first, try to remove the whole water inside the phone.
  2. There are various connection ports on the phone. Use dry soft clothes or cotton to remove the water from the port, even the charger port.
  3. Leave the phone to dry in a safe place. Don’t keep it into the oven. You should not also use a hair drier to dry the phone port.
  4. Give it enough time to dry. Then try to charge it and see that it charges. If it’ll happen, your phone has no other problem. Otherwise, you need to go nearest apple store to solve this issue.

Step-5: DFU mode

Why is my iPhone not charging when plugged in still now? If your iPhone is not charging, you must try DFU mode. It may work well. A DFU mode is one kind of restore where you wipe out everything on it and then restore it to factory settings. This helps the phone to remove any junk from a software issue, which existed in it. if you don’t know how to DFU restore an iPhone, try to learn or go to them who know it well.

Step-6: Visit the service center

If you have tried all the following steps and your phone still not charge, you should go to the nearest Apple store. Here, you need to contact the Apple Service provider to get the iPhone repaired.

If you have a valid warranty cart, it’ll be great news for you. Apple has a replacement service under warranty cart services. If your cable damage fully, Apple must replace the cable. So, you can go to the nearest Apple store and for this before going there, make an appointment with the Genius Bar.

Final word

Now you have learned why your iPhone not charging when plugged in. We hope this post helps you more and more, and you can get a better solution to solve your issue at home. So, don’t need to go anywhere and don’t need to worry about this issue. Just follow the steps and solve the problem without any hazard.

Quickest Solution on How to Unlock an iPhone

In this modern era, everybody firmly depends on the smartphone. If you are owning an iPhone, then you must know how difficult it is if your iPhone gets stuck to a certain network/carrier.

So this article is for all those iPhone users who want to know how to unlock an iPhone. Here we will discuss how to keep the iPhone unlocked permanently.

The basic and mandatory problem that every smartphone user faces is locking by a particular network. An iPhone user suffers badly in this blocking problem. Because of ignorance about unlocking, they often get disappointed by the iPhone.

So when you will understand if your  iPhone is locked?

With some simple syndrome, you can claim that your iPhone has locked. If you enter your new sim and don’t connect to the Internet or can’t make any call to anyone, then your iPhone is locked to its current carrier.

This locking happens if you buy an older iPhone to anyone. If you buy the iPhone recently, from any iPhone store, then your phone will be all ok to accept any carrier provided by you.

So if your new sim is not working in the iPhone you inherited or bought 2nd hand, then this iPhone is locked.

Anyway, we are here to make you relax. You can definitely use the locked iPhone, and we will provide the ultimate and legal solution to it.

If your iPhone is locked, then it confirms that it clings your iPhone to its previous network. So now you need to vanish the lock and enable your iPhone to suit and accept the new network/carrier.

Now many of us will ask if the unlocking is legal to the iPhone’s manufacturer or loyalty policy? Well, let us a talk on it to clear any of your questions regarding unlocking legality.

Is iPhone unlocking legal or illegal?

If you have paid the money to buy the iPhone, then you own the iPhone wholly. But if you are in a contract to pay the bill for your iPhone slowly and didn’t pay the whole rent, then you didn’t own the phone yet.

So once you have paid the full bill, then as an owner you can unlock the iPhone. It’s your iPhone now and you deserve full authority to change its network/carrier. It’s legal and you need not take permission from anyone.

But if you are still in the payment process, then you don’t have the legal right to apply for it’s unlocking.

Once you have paid all the bills of the iPhone, you can move to unlock. Now we will inform you-

How to unlock your iPhone?

Since they lock your iPhone to the new network/carrier, we would like to recommend you-

Contact your network provider:

Most often, the server or network you choose will arrange an unlocking service for you. So doing the process you need to contact with the service provider. Contact with them and apply for their customer service.

If you are not using the original SIM, then you need to buy a brand new original SIM. After that, you are ready to contact them and ask for help.

To contact the provider, you need to put your previous SIM along with the new network/carrier. Then you need to contact your new network provider and be ready to receive any code or call from them.

So you can solve the problem and use your new SIM.

Getting help from online third party service provider:

Another popular option can be to seek help from an online iPhone servicing website. Though there are some online scammers, you can find out a best website or service provider to unlock your iPhone.

Here, you need to know of their terms and conditions and inquire if they have any hidden charge. After confirming everything, you can unlock your phone online sitting remote from any corner of the earth. So it’s useful and comfortable in this sense.

Now you can compare and contrast any service provider with the help of Google. So, check the third party iPhone service provider with your own responsibility.

How to unlock an iPhone with a sim card

  1. To start the unlocking process, you need to know that all your phone data will be removed permanently. So it’s a brilliant idea to keep your SIM card and device info before unlocking.
  2. If you don’t have an internet connection, connect your iPhone to your laptop/PC with an USB cord. After connecting with an USB cable, install the iTunes app and connect the iPhone to its backup and recovery system.
  3. This iTunes app will back up all your info and data in your cloud email. Thus you have saved all your valuable info.
  4. In the next step, remove your old SIM from the SIM socket and put your new SIM over there.
  5. Now you are ready to take the unblocking service.

How to unlock an iPhone without a sim card

  1. You need to do the unlock service in your iPhone if you are not holding the original SIM.
  2. To do this process, you need to restore and reset your device.
  3. First thing first, with the help of icloud or iTunes you need to restore all your data to your PC/laptop.
  4. Then you need to reset your device. Go to settings and then click general and finally reset the set. It will erase all your data from the iPhone.
  5. Then you need to remove the previous SIM and insert the new one.

So finally you are ready to take the unlocking service.

How much should you pay to the unlocking service provider?

You need to go for quality not for quantity. If you want to get a permanent unlocking service, then you need to choose the best service provider for you. We will always recommend you to judge the quality of the service that you will take.

Later, you need to think of your pocket obviously. Good News! Unlocking an iPhone is very budget-friendly. If you get the help of your network/carrier operator, then you probably go to get free service.

Nowadays, some carriers included some fees to get access to the unlocking service. But they will never cost you more than $20. IPhone unlocking service starts from $8 and ends in $25. If any operator or third party service provider claims more than this range, then you need not take their help.

So, hopefully this article has answered and removed all your doubts and questions regarding unlocking an iPhone. Keep tuned with us. Share with your near and dear. Help others to get benefited from our site. Thank you.

What to Do if You dropped iphone 7 in water

Swam your iPhone 7 in the water? Are you thinking about what should you do now with wet the phone? We are here who are ready to share our best experience with you about this issue.

Dropped iPhone 7 in water or the bath is a common issue in the world. Water damage isn’t an individual problem. Anyone can face it at any time. But it has a few solutions that we discuss in this post.

We can share the best tips to survive your phone, but we don’t give any guarantee. From this post, you can get a few strategies with a water damaged iPhone 7.

Some essential tips and tricks

As the first step, take some quick action that can save your water damage iPhone 7 from going to a worse position. These steps can repair your phone at the primary level or can increase the chance of having well.

Power off: 

The first and foremost duty with dropped iPhone 7 in water is to turn off the device. Though it is a model phone, you can remove the battery quickly. Luckily, it can happen that your device will start work like past time after pulling it from the water. Most of the time, the electric equipment when falling in water must wet and the functionality can damage. So, power off the phone is the most critical step that helps your device to recover as early.

Take off all covers & ports:

iPhone 7 includes a pop-up sim card tray. Remove the card from it by inserting the end of the paper clip. It is a small hole that is on the right side of the device. Put off the cover case. Don’t plug it in mistakenly. Try to sure that the water has gotten in. If your device wet, try to dry them.

How to get water out of iPhone 7:

By using dry cloths, try to immerse up the water from the charging port, the headphone jack, and any other gaps. You can use cotton or toothpick to try to absorb excess water from the headphone jack or any other hole. One of the most common and best ways to dry the wet phone is to keep it in a sunny location. It helps the phone to dry immediately.

How to dry iphone7:

There are a few better options that will call for drying the iPhone 7 dropped in water. They are:

Step1-Silica gel: 

Silica gel is a better option to wipe water damaged devices. It is a small packet that mainly made for electronic work. Take some of them and try to cover your iPhone on them. It works well to dry the wet iPhone more effectively. You should leave it at least 48 hours into those pockets to dry out thoroughly the phone.

Step-2 DIY repair:

You can do DIY repair if you have the experience, and you have the confidence to repair your iPhone at home. But it has more risk of damage than repairing. You can take out the battery and internal nooks and crannies so that you can dry inside water. To do this job, you need to open the part of the phone. Use proprietary kinds of screwdriver head to unscrew the bottom screws.

Step 3-Let the phone dry:

Let the phone dry in airflow. Keep it open space, in front of a fan, or beside the window where you feel save. But avoid keeping it in the oven to dry so fast. You should also avoid using compressed air, cotton swab, and paper towel.

Step 4-Avoid rice to dry:

Keep in mind that rice is not a solution to wipe the wet device. It becomes worse than right. It may not be a good idea for your water damaged phone. Rice can damage the port, and your phone will become unusual.

Go to Apple genius:

After trying to remove the excess water from the inner side of the phone, at least wait 48-72 hours to dry the device normally. Now give it a charger for a short time. Give it sometimes. Then try to switch on the device.

You are so lucky when your phone is live again as before. Otherwise, you should go to Apple genius for iphone 7 water damage repair. If you have a warranty card, it will work well for you. You can repair your water damaged iPhone 7 within a low price.

6. Use waterproof case:

Though water isn’t a death sentence, it is not suitable for your iPhone or iPad. As a protective, you should use a waterproof case for your iPhone that saves it from any water damage. It is an essential and better option to lighter the risk.

Most of people love to read an e-book or browse the web in the bath or on the sea-beach. In this case, you can use a waterproof case to save your phone and enjoy your bath with your lovely iPhone.

Use water-resistant iPhone:

By using a waterproof case, the risk can’t go completely. It also has a few chances. So please select a water resistance iPhone to use without any trouble. Apple updated its device day today. Now, they come with some water-resistance iPhone that you can try to avoid water damage issues.

There is a various model has come with IP ratings such as iphone7, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus, and iphone7 plus. You can select what you choose from them.

Don’t do it:

Don’t try to power on after pulling the phone from the phone when it has powered off for water damage. Don’t make any severe decisions instantly. Keep quiet and follow the following steps.

Apple doesn’t allow you to swim with your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus. You should keep your device in a safe place when you are going to the beach or bath. Don’t forget to keep the warranty card for this device because it can work at this worse time.

Finally, now you have got a few precautions that you should know. It informs you what you need to do with your dropped iPhone 7 in water.


Common iPhone problems that you could face at any time

iPhone users face many common iPhone problems with their device. Generally, most common iPhone problems take place when people transfer data from the old ones to new ones, launch a new app on their iPhone, or update their device to the latest iOS.

These problems that you may face with your iPhones can have many reasons, such as software and hardware related issues or some bug in iOS.  In some cases, fixing the iPhone problem through troubleshooting is an easy affair. Whereas, some problems are really complex and sophisticated indeed.

Experts and i-technicians already disclose most of the common problems and their fixes to get your device just working again. Here, we will discuss a few problems and the essential guide to fixing issues that you can try before visiting any i-expert or Apple support.


iphone repair ocala fl


Apple iPhone problems and solutions:

In this article, we have put together 8- most common iPhone problems with their fixes to get your device working again. This article will let you a better experience with your iPhone.

iPhone White screen of death:

You may encounter a situation when the iPhone gets stuck at the white screen. This white screen of death can occur because of jailbreak, hardware problems, or failed upgrades. In this situation, you can restart the device to resolve the issues. If you fail to solve the issue, then reset your iPhone. Again, if a factory reset fails to fix the problem, boot your device in DFU mode.

Keep in mind that DFU booting clears all the data and settings of your iPhone. So, if you don’t have iTunes or iCloud backup, then you should recover your data through Stellar Recovery for iPhone before booting your iPhone in DFU mode.

iPhone black screen for death:

If your iPhone falls or slips out of your hand, spilling water on it, jailbreak, malware, bad firmware, or updating an app, then the black screen could take place. To solve the problem, you should completely charge the iPhone first to rule out the battery issue and then press the home button.

After waiting for a few minutes, if the icon doesn’t appear, then Force restart your iPhone to fix the issue. You can also reset your iPhone to get back the device working again.

Overheating iPhone:

Getting notification like- ” iPhone needs to cool down before you can use it” is not a new thing. Complaints against overheating of various iPhone models is a common issue around the world. Reports of the explosion also disappoint the users as well.

To fix the problem of overheating, you should go away from the heat or sunlight and take the iPhone to a cooler place first. You can remove the iPhone case and stop using or switch the iPhone off for sometimes to cool it down.

If these steps don’t reduce temperature immediately, then deeper troubleshooting is required to fix the problem. Otherwise, the internal components may get damaged by the overheating.

iPhone stuck on Apple logo:

iPhone can get stuck on the Apple logo due to several reasons. It can occur due to software conflict, deletion of iOS files, hardware issues, jailbreak, failed iOS update, running expiry beta version, retrieving data from backup, etc.

You can resolve this problem by restarting or resetting the iPhone, or putting the iPhone in Recovery Mode.

Touch screen is not working:

If the touch screen of your iPhone is not responding, then make sure that the screen is dry and clean. If it fails to resolve the issue, then restart the iPhone.

Again, if the hard reset does not work, then clear the cache data and free up storage space. In case the screen cracked, it is better to take the iPhone to the authorized Apple service center.

Speaker not working:

If you could not hear sound from your iPhone, then make sure that either the iPhone is in silent mode or not.  If the volume button is all up, but you still cannot hear the sound, then restart your iPhone first.If not, then the problem could be of hardware. In this case, going for a professional solution is a great option, indeed.

Problems with Bluetooth:

Unable or fail to pair with another Bluetooth device is one of the common iPhone problems. You need to turn off and on the Bluetooth and restart the iPhone.

If none works, then go to settings->Bluetooth-> Forget the device and later try again to connect it. The “Reset” option can also solve this problem. But this way erases all the saved settings completely.

Camera Roll Crash:

Camera Roll crash causes loss of all photos and videos that you have stored on your iPhone. Due to this problem, you will not be able to perform any activity on existing photos or videos on your iPhone.

In this case, the factory setting is the only solution to resolve the camera roll crash. Make sure a backup before factory reset, as these iPhone solutions lead to complete loss of data of your iPhone.

Other’s Problems:

Along with these iPhone problems, there is few more common iPhone problems like- water damage, rapid battery drain, iTunes Error 3194, sensor problem, face id access problem, Wi-Fi connection problem, etc. occurs on iPhones.

All these mentioned problems have an initial solution to restart the iPhone. If not, Reset the iPhone or updated it to the latest firmware.


If you are having any problems with your iPhone, please go through this article at once. In the above compilation, we have discussed 8- common iPhone problems and their fixes to ensure your trouble-free experience with your iPhone.

We hope all these fixes will help you out when your iPhone starts acting up. If you are having such issues that we don’t describe here or you have any solution that works better than ours, let us know about them by dropping your comments below.


How to repair water damaged iphone

Dropped your exclusive iPhone from your hand in the water? It can happen at some point such as a bath, toilet, or kitchen tub unexpectedly. It is a sad fact true but nothing to worry about. It is one of the common issues that can be fixed.

Before going any repair store to wet or fix your phone, stop and take a look at this post. Here we will discuss how to repair water damaged iPhone. Our amazing tips and tricks give you more dare and suggest to take proper steps.

Check out the best tips of us to repair your water damaged iPhone. Plus, try to know what you should do or should avoid.

iphone repair daytona beach fl

What should do with water damaged iPhone:

How to repair water damaged iPhone 6. To get the final reply of this, you just apply the following tips in the primary step.

  • Remove your phone from the water immediately. The more staying in the water, the less chance it has to fix.
  • If you turn off the phone very soon, you can recover it within a short time.
  • If you use a cover case of the phone, remove it as soon as possible.
  • As early as possible try to remove SIM card or SIM tray completely.
  • Use a dry cloth to soak up the water from the charging port, the headphone jack, and any other gaps.
  • Use cotton or toothpick to absorb excess water from the charging port or headphone jack.
  • One of the most common and best ways to dry the wet phone is to keep it in a warm location. It helps the phone to dry immediately.
  • Leave it for 48 or 72 hours to turn on. The more you wait, the more successful to fix the damage iPhone.
  • If your iPhone begins to work, back up your data as soon.

What shouldn’t do with water damaged iPhone :

  • Don’t keep lazy after removing your phone from water.
  • Don’t plug it to charge if the phone off cause of the drop in water.
  • Don’t try to dry your phone using an oven or hairdryer.
  • Don’t shake your phone to remove water from the charger port or other gaps.
  • Don’t press the Home button.

You should avoid doing the following steps because they damage your phone roughly.

What should do with water damaged screen?

How to repair a water damaged iPhone screen? It is a big question, isn’t it? Yes, you will be able to fix and running your phone again if you maintain our guide.

Sadly, this task is not easy. To recover your phone, you should disassemble the phone in pieces. But it is not easy for the iPhone.  You can try this job if you have experience with it.

Water certainly can stick up between the backlight and LCD. You must remove the water from there. A backlight is not expensive; you can resolder or desolder it easily. To do this job, peel off the old one and resolder the new one. After that, stick it again to the LCD.

Go iPhone repair center:

How to repair water damaged iPhone. After applying the following tips, if your phone doesn’t recover or start and you also again as the same question, it is time to go to the iPhone repair center. For better service, you should go to the Apple repair center. They offer various services with a warranty card or without a warranty card. Though their service price is high, it’ll better for your exclusive device.

If you don’t go there, you have another option. You just find out the best iPhone repair center around you who provide professional service. Must try to know, they have experienced and expert technician.

Next step after recovering water damaged iPhone:

How to repair water damaged iPhone properly. Now check out a few tips below. After fixing the water damaged iPhone, you should check it on how to work it as before. To check it, you need to do the following task.

  • Back up your iPhone after turning it back on. Do it immediately so that you can realize the phone works well.
  • Most of the Home Button of the damaged phone doesn’t work. If the Home Button doesn’t work, you should use assistive touch.
  • If the iPhone headphone jack doesn’t work after repairing the water damaged iPhone. You should try a USB dock or Bluetooth headphones to play sound.
  • If the power button doesn’t work, it is difficult to power off or power-on of the device. To solve this issue, keep your phone on charge and turned on to use it. If the phone turns off, plug it again and turn on the phone.


How much does it cost to repair water damaged iPhone

Repair Cost:

How much to repair water damaged iPhone 6. We recommend you to get your water damaged iPhone at the Apple repair store. It’ll a great job because the service is excellent.

The iPhone repairing cost starts from $129 in the Apple repair store and it is only for the older phone. But the cost for the brand new Apple iPhone will go up to $ 329. Those prices will work for that iPhone which one is out-of-warranty. Before taking a repair service, you might accomplish their pre-service instructions. It helps you to protect your information including your ID and the proof of purchase.

Replacement Cost:

Apple enables to replace the device with reasonable money while your phone way out off warranty. If you have a warranty card with support time, you can save a lot of money.

There are various prices to fix the water damaged devices. The price depends on the model of the phone. Water damaged iPad replacement cost start from $49 in AppleCare+ replacement. If you want to replace any device, you can do it that start from $249.

When you want to replace your iPhone, you will pay another price for it. The prices also change according to the model.  To replace the devices, you should count from $149 to $ 329. For AppleCare+ replacement, you may count from $49 to $99.

Bottom line:

Water damaged iPhone issue is indeed difficult to solve. We hope this article will help you to repair your iPhone at a regular price. If you think this post is helpful for you, you can share it with others. They also get usefulness from here.

How to Secure Your Mobile Device

In this thriving era of technology, almost all of us own a mobile device. Nowadays, we use our mobile phones for hundreds of daily tasks like browsing the web, sharing files, instant messaging, video calling, and even banking. But on the other side, there is no way to deny that mobile devices are very vulnerable to online threats and physical attacks, as well. Malware, phishing, unauthorized access, and even theft have become almost mundane issues.

It does not matter whether you use Android, iOS, or even a feature phone; it is crucial to know how to secure mobile devices. In this article, we are going to share 8 tips and tricks to help you achieve your mobile devices. Let’s dive in.


Having strong and difficult passwords is a must for the safety of your device. When you use passwords, choose alphanumerical characters. If you do this, it will be more difficult for hackers or unauthorized ones to break the password. Note that, your password should be at least 8 or more characters in length.

However, locking your phone with strong passwords will be further strengthened if you add a fingerprint lock. If you apply biometrics security lock along with strong passwords, it will be almost impossible to access your device.


How to Secure Your Mobile Device


Most of the websites today let you use ‘remember me’ feature to automatically input passwords when you log in. Do not ever tick on ‘remember me’ when you log in on any website. Your password may easily get spoofed in this way. On top of that, if you lose your device, another person might get full access to your information and documents. So, avoid the trap of the ‘remember me’ thing by all means.


Who doesn’t like free Wi-Fi? But, hey, be careful! A public or open Wi-Fi can cause you much harm than you can think. Firstly, most of the free Wi-Fi points are not usually encrypted. Malicious people can use this network to eavesdrop and hack your username, passwords, and sensitive private data.

To stay protected from Wi-Fi issues, you should have enough applications to secure your connection. In this regard, a WEP connection is not as secured as a WPA connection.

Another thing that you should remember is not forgetting to turn off Bluetooth and Wii-Fi as soon as you discontinue the usage of these. Turning off these will not only help to stay secure but will also work equally to save the device battery.


VPN (Virtual Private Network) can help you secure your connection if you are not sure about the security status of your network. Moreover, you can secure your browsing history from the hacker’s eye when you are in a public Wi-Fi network. VPNs can also back you up to browse websites securely that lack security certificates and do not come with HTTPS.


Encryption makes your data unreadable. Most modern mobile devices come with a built-in encryption feature. Encryption is very much effective in theft-related issues by preventing unauthorized access. Find the encryption feature on your device and enable the feature with a password. Note that the process of data encryption needs more time if your device has more data.

However, never forget the password or input the wrong password each time you want to decrypt your data. Many devices may erase all the data from your phone if you fail to input the right password several times. So, it is a wise decision to keep a backup of your data.


The firmware of your device is not always safe from security threats. If you have any loopholes in the present version of your device, updating the firmware and device might save you from the potential malware attacks. Android by Google and iOS by Apple are updated regularly to ensure the mobile device security. You should update your device from time to time, either manually or automatically.

Besides updating the firmware, updating the games and apps of your device is also crucial. Games and apps are updated by the providers to enhance the user experience and remove the bug. Try setting the ‘auto-update’ feature for games and apps if you have enough data.


We know that staying logged in on Facebook or Instagram helps us instantly get the status updates and photos of friends. Well, this might sound convenient. But, this is not safe to stay logged in when you are not using the website or app. It is a big no-no if you want to ensure the maximum security of your device.

Can you think about what can happen even if someone gets into your device for one minute? It is possible to rupture and mess the whole thing up for a hacker. So, log out of the apps when you are done using them to protect your sensitive and personal data.


Are you 100% sure that all the files and data you download are free of malicious codes? If you are not, installing an antivirus is one of the most important things you should do. A malicious file or app can send your sensitive data to the hackers and breach the privacy and security of your device. Installing an antivirus from a reputed company will help you to investigate the files and apps you download. And it will remove them if they are found to be harmful to your device.


Well, beyond doing the tasks mentioned above, you should do something more to maximize the security of your device. Here you go:

  • Enable two-factor authentication
  • Buy devices only from authorized sellers
  • Avoid using public Wi-Fi if possible
  • Download app from the app store your device comes with
  • Use ‘find my phone’ feature and ‘theft protection’ if available.
  • Change your passwords from time to time.
  • Avoid the ‘auto-fill’ feature.
  • Use password for every app to open (Specially gallery and social media apps)


Ensuring mobile phone security is not a very easy task to do. Hackers and malicious viruses are lurking everywhere to snatch the data from your device. We hope that the mobile phone security tips we provided above will help you to secure your data and device. Knowing how to secure your mobile device is useful for all users around the globe.

Where to repair iPhone screen near me in Florida, USA

Did you ever dropped down your iPhone and searched for where to repair iPhone near you? I think most of us will answer- yes. It doesn’t even matter how much we try to be careful about our iPhone; we may drop them unconsciously or accidentally. It eventually consequences the screen crack or damages the display. Sometimes, the cracks are minor that they don’t affect anything serious at all. Whereas, some cracks are so extensive that the screen needs to be replaced away.

Besides, the iPhone and iPad are not free from faults. Sometimes, many users complain that they are facing multiple issues like- sudden restart, freezing, overheating, excessive battery drainage, etc. with their iPhone. A few things work behind an iPhone malfunction or running slow from time to time.

Though taking care of yourself is the primary solution to most of the problems, you will face a hard time if you want to fix the problem by yourself. In these cases, to repair it quickly, you have the only option to take the device into a store.

Where to take an iPhone for repair in Florida??

There are a lot of stores to take an iPhone for repair offer low-cost, quick, and quality repairs to the people. For those who are facing difficulty to get their devices fixed, Phone Fashion is one of the most popular professional iPhone, Smartphone, IPad repair center in Florida. Phone Fashion is such a reliable place where to repair my iPhone without long waits.

It is really challenging to find out high quality and reliable iPhone repair center. Many consumers are concern about hiring an employee from a comparatively unknown repair center. Many employees of repairing companies don’t have proper knowledge, technical acquirement, experience, and capability to design a website perfectly. So, what should you do?

Outsource the best repair center to get the best possible result. We have ‘x’ years of experience in this field. We always try to maintain our standards to satisfy our clients. Our expert and experienced team will help to provide you with the best possible service.

Those who live in Gainesville, Sanford, Port Richey, Daytona Beach, and Ocala don’t need to go far away to fix your iPhone, iPad, and smartphones. Phone Fashion is available in Oaks Mall at Gainesville, Seminole Towne Center at Sanford, Gulf View Square Mall at Port Richey, Volusia mall at Daytona Beach, and Paddock Mall at Ocala. So, if you are from sunny Florida who wants to walk in and wait on their iPhone to be fixed, Phone Fashion welcomes you to their Florida store locations.

Phone Fashion Services:

Providing device repairing services with a kind of satisfaction and demands of customers is always challenging. We always love to accept these kinds of challenges. We are optimistic about ensuring our quality, capability, dedication, and sincerity.

Professional device repairing services provided by Photo Fashion completely meet the requirements of a customer who wants to repair their iPhone, iPad, or Smartphones professionally. Our experienced and dedicated service providers are committed to providing high-quality services. Check out our services:

iPhone Repair Service:

iPhone becomes a style statement for several. Phone Fashion is a place to repair you iPhone at an affordable cost. Some most common issues like-slow functioning, sudden restart, overheating, quick battery drainage is easily fixed by Phone Fashion. If you are from Florida and facing any of these issues, then Phone Fashion is the best place for you where to take iPhone for repair.

iPad Repair Service:

Phone Fashion is able to resolve most of the iPad problems. It is dedicated to providing high-quality repairs on iPads. Its technicians fix the iPad at an affordable price and promptly delivered back. Phone Fashion repairs iPad2, iPad3, iPad4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad mini, iPad mini 2, and iPad mini 4. Phone Fashion always tries to give the best recommendations for your device. Whatever is your issue, it always tries to fix the problem fast. And so, Phone Fashion’s Oaks Mall repair center becomes a place where to send iPhone for repair in Gainesville.

Tablet Repair Service:

Tablet is a very sensitive device so that it can get damaged at any time. Phone Fashion always welcomes to help you when you need it. Phone Fashion fixes the Tablet within a short time. It offers several services for Tablets like- glass replacement, LCD replacement, battery replacement, charge port repair, home button repair, SIM reader repair, power button repair, microphone repair, loudspeaker repair, Wi-Fi repair, backlight repair, rear and front camera repair, headphone socket repair. Even if you are from Daytona, then whatever is the problem, Phone Fashion’s Volusia mall branch is able to fix your iPhones. It is better to take an appointment from our branch where to send iPhone for repair to book the service.

Smart Phone Repair Service:

Phone Fashion specializes in Smartphone repairs. All of the repairs come perfectly as the brand new device. Phone Fashion always tries to provide quality service at a fair price. Its technologists are able to fix both common and typical problems as well. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most popular repairs where to repair my iPhone in Florida.

In our daily life, we all rely on our devices. However, when our iPhone or Smartphone gets damaged, it becomes impossible to go through our virtual activities. And so, Phone Fashion is playing a significant role in putting us out of this situation. All of the technicians have professional experience and provide quality service that there will no issue with fixed devices. So if you are from Florida and think about where to repair iPhone, then visit any of our branches to enhance your phone servicing experience. Any of our Phone Fashion service center will be the right choice for you to get the best service at an affordable cost.

How much does it cost to repair an iPhone screen

In September 2014, Apple released the iPhone that was made of metal and glass. From the beginning of the release, a lot of users have broken their phones by dropping it down unconsciously or suddenly. They remain to worry with their shattered screen plus try to know daily how much does it cost to repair an iPhone screen. They always search to find out the best solution for it.

Today, this post is only for them. Here, we’ll try to give a satisfactory reply to this question that helps the iPhone user to repair their phone in the cheapest method.

Look into the answers below. And take a good decision to repair your exclusive iPhone 6.

Iphone screen repair

iPhone screen repair cost

Are your iPhone screen crushed with the LCD? If this happened, you can’t repair only the screen without repairing the display. You should repair them together. Below, we try to give a regular cost price for screen and LCD replacement.

Warranty service:

How much does it cost to repair an iphone screen with warranty service?  Apple iPhone service is excellent. If your iPhone screen needs repair, you must take an appointment Apple repair center. It’ll the best trick at first. Apple gives a year warranty for the iPhone cover. The warranty service is great. If you have a warranty card, you can get a good service without any cost. So, don’t worry about your broken screen of the iPhone. Take the warranty card and repair it with no charge.

Does the warranty card work?

The warranty card that you have will just work if the original buyer of it from Apple is you. But this card won’t work for the third party who bought from the first party. If you are a third party, a free iPhone repair service isn’t for you because Apple didn’t record your name as the buyer. In this case, you have to repair the screen of your iPhone at their regular price.

Repair option without warranty:

According to the Apple support page, you will be able to fix your damaged screen and display of the phone through their OOW or Out-Of-Warranty service. This service is great for your exclusive iPhone. If the repair of them is near to your residence, you just call them and get their service with no trouble.

It will excellent for you if you sign up for the AppleCare+ plan. You can cover screen repair costs using it. Two unpleasant incidents of accidental damage can cover with the help of this AppleCare+ plan every 2 years. The service fee depends on the condition of your plan. But you have to pay the out-of-warranty fee if you don’t have an AppleCare+ plan.

Regular repairing cost of Apple:

How much does it cost to repair an iPhone 6 screen? For Apple, your iPhone repairing cost starts from $129 and it is only for the older phone. But the cost for the brand new Apple iPhone will go up to $ 329. Those prices will work for that iPhone which one is out-of-warranty. Before taking a repair service, you might accomplish their pre-service instructions. It helps you to protect your information including your ID and the proof of purchase.

Replacement cost:

It is easy and cheap to replace any part of Apple. Possible, you can do it with no fee if your iPhone is still under warranty. How much money does it cost to repair an iphone screen? Apple charges $ 109 to fix a broken iPhone 6 screen. You also can pay $129 to repair a broken iPhone 6s plus screen. If you purchased AppleCare+, you need to pay only $99 to fix for both the 6s and 6s plus.

If you are under warranty and the screen is just in a hairline, Apple replaces the screen for free. To replace the screen Apple store is the best plus they take one hour to fix it with their expert.

Regular repairing cost of the third party:

How much does it cost to repair an iPhone 6s screen? If you will go to the third party to repair your iPhone, the regular cost will start from $80 to $140. You can go to the third party when your warranty card will be spared or the Apple repair center won’t near to you. in this serious case, you must find out the best repair center who has experience about to repair the new model iPhone screen.

Before going to them, must call their center and try to know their regular price. You must inform them which parts need to repair and how much time they need to return after repairs.

Regular kits cost:

There is another option to replace your iPhone screen yourself with kits cost. The range will start from $40 to $80 including new glass. Though the price is low than Apple, it works well. You know that replacing the screen isn’t so easy than replacing the entire touch screen. To do this job, you need to separate the glass from the touch screen and replace the new one using glue. This work will perfect if you can do it professionally.

Repairing the screen by you will cost at least $100 to $150 for both glass and glue. Even after finishing the work, you can’t test it properly and won’t understand how it works well. Fixing with the DIY method, the risk will stay and something new wrong will create. So it’ll better to go to the Apple store to fix the damaged screen efficiently.

Final thought:

In summary, don’t think anymore how much it cost to repair an iPhone screen. Plus, you need not think where should go. If you need to repair your broken iPhone screen and you have a valid warranty card, just go Apple store and fix it. Without a valid warranty card, you also can go there.

If you can’t go to the Apple store, you must meet a mobile iPhone repair technician who works expertly. The cost of the screen replacement can’t differ more. You can get professional service at reliable cost in repairing center and it’ll an amazing for your device.

7 Most Common iPad Issues & Solution

There are some common iPad issues you can face with your favorite iPad or iPhone. They are not a serious matter. They can be solved easily within a short time. If you have the same problem with your exclusive and expensive iPad or iPhone, you remain calm and quiet with this post.

Today we’ll share with you some significant solutions from our experience. With the help of them, you can solve the common problems at home.

In this post, we first show the problems and try to give a useful solution for them. You can try any one of them that you need for your iPad.

common ipad issue

1. Random apps crashing:

Random apps crashing is a great issue that most of the iPad owners suffer. This issue closes the app and restarts the iPad suddenly. This problem mainly happens with old iPads. This issue can occur with some specific apps. There are a few methods that you can apply to improve this problem. So, at first, find out which apps make this issue and try to solve it.

How to way out:

  • Close the apps totally at first. If you have an old iPad or iPhone, press and hold the home button and power button for 10 seconds to power off. Again do the same job to turn it on.
  • The home button doesn’t include the iPad or iPhone. Here, you might press and hold on the screen to power off of the phone or pad. If you have IOS 12 device, press and hold on the apps to uninstall it.

2. Refuse to turn on:

Does your mobile show a black screen? Does it refuse to turn on?  This issue can happen if the battery is dead or doesn’t take it any power.

How to way out:

  • Press and hold down the power button and home button together. But for the new iPad or iPhone press the volume up button and volume down button. Then just press and hold the power button until you see the phone restart.
  • Another solution to this issue is to plug the phone for charging. At this time must use original cable and charger.


3. iPad don’t response:

Unresponsive is one of the most Common iPad Issues. Sometimes you can see that your iPad or iPhone can’t move in your touch. Your iPhone screen freezes. There are several reasons to create this issue such as software conflicts or memory corruption.

How to way out:

  • To solve this problem power off the phone and power on again as a first try. If this step can’t work try to restart it press and hold the home button or touch on the screen.
  • All of that if your phone doesn’t respond. Try to back up the phone with the help of a computer. But keep in mind that you will lose some important file for applying this resolution.

4. iPad not charging:

iPad or iPhone not charging is one of the common iPad problems. There is various reasons for not charging your phone. It can occur for a dead battery, damage charger, lose connection, and so much more. There are many solutions to this problem.

How to way out:

  • If your battery will damage or not make power, you should replace the battery as early as possible.
  • Clean the charger port because in the hole of the p[ort can in dust or dirt that is a cause of not charging of the phone.
  • Sometimes the power source won’t work that you have been using for a long time. If the power source won’t work properly, your phone won’t charge. So, solve the power source problem and then charge your phone.

5. Connection issue to Wi-Fi:

Don’t your iPad connecting to Wi-Fi? There is nothing to worry about. It is a common issue for the iPad or iPhone. A lot of iPad users appearance this problem. to solve it, first, you should to check the Wi-Fi setting on the iPad and try to ensure that the connection is turned on.

How to way out:

  • For a serious issue, you must follow a few solutions. Try turning off the iPad and router for a while. Then after a few minutes, turn on both them again and check the Wi-Fi connection on the phone.
  • After that, if your phone remains in the same problem, you should go to any ISP expert to take help or advice.

6. Slow running:

Slow running of the phone is also one of the common iPad issues. If you see that the speed of your phone becomes slow, you might take a few steps to run the phone as before.

How to way out:

  • To make a solution, press the home button to power off and again do it for power on. Or try restart to recover the phone.
  • Some apps make slow the iPad. So, uninstall them from the phone and restart it again.
  • Sometimes your phone needs 2G that help to increase the running speed of the phone.

7. Cellular data connection issue:

Cellular data connection dropping often is a common issue. A lot of iPad user complains about this problem. At the primary step, you can solve it by restarting the phone. If it won’t work you can try the following steps below.

How to way out:

  • Ensure the setting option and try to solve this issue.
  • By going setting, check that you have the newest IOS software.
  • Sometimes removing the SIM card and put it back again, you can get discharge from this issue.

Bottom line:

iPad and iPhone are the electric device. So, a new issue can create daily and it is normal. Without these following issues, there have many common iPad issues. We just try to share with you our experience. We hope, from this post, you can know more unknown information that also assists you to solve any simple issue with no going to an expert

Why is my phone not charging

Why is your phone not charging? Are you asking or thinking about it yourself? Nothing to worry. It isn’t a single issue of you. Many of the people have also faced such this problem daily. We have a few great solutions to this problem.

Through this post, we will share our fantastic idea with you. If you follow them, you can repair your phone at home without going to any expert intervention.

Let’s look at some tips and tricks that help the phone to make over with battery up and running. The tips look easy and simple but they work well definitely and effectively for both Android smartphone and iPhones.

Phone not Charging

Common reasons for the phone not charging

1. Check USB port:

When your phone isn’t charged, you need to check the USB port. If the charger doesn’t connect with the inside of the micro USB properly, your phone doesn’t charge. After using more and more time, minor hardware can defect and it will be the main cause of improper contact. So, check the USB port and find out what the problem has in it.

2. Clean the charging port:

Charging port is a very small part that can be dirt or dust when the phone we keep in our pocket or purse. This dust or dirt can make obstacle to make the charge on the phone. They work against proper contact between the charger port and the USB port. To solve this problem, you should clean the charger port with the help of a simple blow of air. If this method won’t work, try toothpick or toothbrush to remove any dirt carefully. This process is very helpful for lightning the charger port and helps to contact your phone like the past.

3. Try different cable or socket:

My iPhone won’t charge. Oh, if it happens, you can try different cable or socket. Most of the time, the original cable of the phone can’t work after a time. At that time, you need to change the cable. But don’t pick some low-quality cables to use that will make more problems to charge. Sometimes the socket that you have been using a long time can useless. So check the old socket and replace it if need.

4. Check adapter:

If you don’t want to use a cable, you can use the wall or other adapters. It is good for the phone. But it will better to charge the phone where the adapter and the charger are separate. Before using the adapter, check it carefully so that it won’t create any problem on your phone later.

5. Check power source:

When your phone won’t charge, you might check the power source. Sometimes the power source won’t work that you have been using for a long time. If the power source won’t work properly, your phone won’t charge. So, solve the power source problem and then charge your phone.

6. Don’t use it while charging:

Most of the time, all of us make a great mistake that we use our phone even when it is in charge. It isn’t good for both of us and the phone. So, don’t use the phone while charging. It’ll damage the battery and also damage the important function of the phone very soon.

7. Avoid running apps in the background:

There are many active and functional apps we install on our phones. Most of the apps we keep running at the background of the phone. Though they make your smartphone smarter and stylish, they are worse for the battery of your phone. They damage your phone gradually and at last, the battery of the phone can’t work and can’t charge. So, avoid all running apps to install and use in the background of the phone.

8. Don’t use app that worse for phone:

A lot of apps have been creating daily. But all of them are not good for the phone. There have such apps that will damage the battery of your android or iPhone quickly. So, select the best apps and then install them to use on your phone.

9. Restart your phone:

Android or iPhone is an electric device. So, they can worsen or will make a little bit disturb at any time. It isn’t a big matter. If you think, your phone won’t charge for any simple wrong. You should reboot it. To perform a reboot, simply hold the power button and beat the restart button. After it, your phone will restart and can take charge like before.

10. Replace the battery:

Why is my phone not charging? Yes, your phone won’t charge and it has many reasons. But for this problem battery is the main problem. We know the battery of the phone is a very important part. Without it, your phone is useless. After a time, the battery of the phone will damage. Then you need to replace it very soon. But keep in mind, don’t replace the low-quality battery in your phone. It will destroy the function of the phone quickly.

11.  Update the software:

The regular software update is essential to develop the performance and the experience of the user. If your phone has a problem, it’ll better to update the software on the phone. It works well to charge the battery. You also can do it even your battery is well. It keeps your phone full running without any trouble.

12.  Water injury:

Sometimes our phone will go to water for our carelessness job. It makes the battery damage. So, it may the main cause of not charging your phone. At that time, you need to replace the battery. Otherwise, you must go to the phone repair center or customer care.

Bottom line:

Through this post, we hope, we could share our valuable experiences about the phone not charging with you. We know they will help you to work instantly when you will face the charger problem suddenly. After all that we recommend you not to force with the phone for any function. Avoid using the cheap replacement battery, charger, cable, and other accessories. They are worse for the phone and its battery.