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7 Most Common iPad Issues & Solution

There are some common iPad issues you can face with your favorite iPad or iPhone. They are not a serious matter. They can be solved easily within a short time. If you have the same problem with your exclusive and expensive iPad or iPhone, you remain calm and quiet with this post.

Today we’ll share with you some significant solutions from our experience. With the help of them, you can solve the common problems at home.

In this post, we first show the problems and try to give a useful solution for them. You can try any one of them that you need for your iPad.

common ipad issue

1. Random apps crashing:

Random apps crashing is a great issue that most of the iPad owners suffer. This issue closes the app and restarts the iPad suddenly. This problem mainly happens with old iPads. This issue can occur with some specific apps. There are a few methods that you can apply to improve this problem. So, at first, find out which apps make this issue and try to solve it.

How to way out:

  • Close the apps totally at first. If you have an old iPad or iPhone, press and hold the home button and power button for 10 seconds to power off. Again do the same job to turn it on.
  • The home button doesn’t include the iPad or iPhone. Here, you might press and hold on the screen to power off of the phone or pad. If you have IOS 12 device, press and hold on the apps to uninstall it.

2. Refuse to turn on:

Does your mobile show a black screen? Does it refuse to turn on?  This issue can happen if the battery is dead or doesn’t take it any power.

How to way out:

  • Press and hold down the power button and home button together. But for the new iPad or iPhone press the volume up button and volume down button. Then just press and hold the power button until you see the phone restart.
  • Another solution to this issue is to plug the phone for charging. At this time must use original cable and charger.


3. iPad don’t response:

Unresponsive is one of the most Common iPad Issues. Sometimes you can see that your iPad or iPhone can’t move in your touch. Your iPhone screen freezes. There are several reasons to create this issue such as software conflicts or memory corruption.

How to way out:

  • To solve this problem power off the phone and power on again as a first try. If this step can’t work try to restart it press and hold the home button or touch on the screen.
  • All of that if your phone doesn’t respond. Try to back up the phone with the help of a computer. But keep in mind that you will lose some important file for applying this resolution.

4. iPad not charging:

iPad or iPhone not charging is one of the common iPad problems. There is various reasons for not charging your phone. It can occur for a dead battery, damage charger, lose connection, and so much more. There are many solutions to this problem.

How to way out:

  • If your battery will damage or not make power, you should replace the battery as early as possible.
  • Clean the charger port because in the hole of the p[ort can in dust or dirt that is a cause of not charging of the phone.
  • Sometimes the power source won’t work that you have been using for a long time. If the power source won’t work properly, your phone won’t charge. So, solve the power source problem and then charge your phone.

5. Connection issue to Wi-Fi:

Don’t your iPad connecting to Wi-Fi? There is nothing to worry about. It is a common issue for the iPad or iPhone. A lot of iPad users appearance this problem. to solve it, first, you should to check the Wi-Fi setting on the iPad and try to ensure that the connection is turned on.

How to way out:

  • For a serious issue, you must follow a few solutions. Try turning off the iPad and router for a while. Then after a few minutes, turn on both them again and check the Wi-Fi connection on the phone.
  • After that, if your phone remains in the same problem, you should go to any ISP expert to take help or advice.

6. Slow running:

Slow running of the phone is also one of the common iPad issues. If you see that the speed of your phone becomes slow, you might take a few steps to run the phone as before.

How to way out:

  • To make a solution, press the home button to power off and again do it for power on. Or try restart to recover the phone.
  • Some apps make slow the iPad. So, uninstall them from the phone and restart it again.
  • Sometimes your phone needs 2G that help to increase the running speed of the phone.

7. Cellular data connection issue:

Cellular data connection dropping often is a common issue. A lot of iPad user complains about this problem. At the primary step, you can solve it by restarting the phone. If it won’t work you can try the following steps below.

How to way out:

  • Ensure the setting option and try to solve this issue.
  • By going setting, check that you have the newest IOS software.
  • Sometimes removing the SIM card and put it back again, you can get discharge from this issue.

Bottom line:

iPad and iPhone are the electric device. So, a new issue can create daily and it is normal. Without these following issues, there have many common iPad issues. We just try to share with you our experience. We hope, from this post, you can know more unknown information that also assists you to solve any simple issue with no going to an expert