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How to repair water damaged iphone

Dropped your exclusive iPhone from your hand in the water? It can happen at some point such as a bath, toilet, or kitchen tub unexpectedly. It is a sad fact true but nothing to worry about. It is one of the common issues that can be fixed.

Before going any repair store to wet or fix your phone, stop and take a look at this post. Here we will discuss how to repair water damaged iPhone. Our amazing tips and tricks give you more dare and suggest to take proper steps.

Check out the best tips of us to repair your water damaged iPhone. Plus, try to know what you should do or should avoid.

iphone repair daytona beach fl

What should do with water damaged iPhone:

How to repair water damaged iPhone 6. To get the final reply of this, you just apply the following tips in the primary step.

  • Remove your phone from the water immediately. The more staying in the water, the less chance it has to fix.
  • If you turn off the phone very soon, you can recover it within a short time.
  • If you use a cover case of the phone, remove it as soon as possible.
  • As early as possible try to remove SIM card or SIM tray completely.
  • Use a dry cloth to soak up the water from the charging port, the headphone jack, and any other gaps.
  • Use cotton or toothpick to absorb excess water from the charging port or headphone jack.
  • One of the most common and best ways to dry the wet phone is to keep it in a warm location. It helps the phone to dry immediately.
  • Leave it for 48 or 72 hours to turn on. The more you wait, the more successful to fix the damage iPhone.
  • If your iPhone begins to work, back up your data as soon.

What shouldn’t do with water damaged iPhone :

  • Don’t keep lazy after removing your phone from water.
  • Don’t plug it to charge if the phone off cause of the drop in water.
  • Don’t try to dry your phone using an oven or hairdryer.
  • Don’t shake your phone to remove water from the charger port or other gaps.
  • Don’t press the Home button.

You should avoid doing the following steps because they damage your phone roughly.

What should do with water damaged screen?

How to repair a water damaged iPhone screen? It is a big question, isn’t it? Yes, you will be able to fix and running your phone again if you maintain our guide.

Sadly, this task is not easy. To recover your phone, you should disassemble the phone in pieces. But it is not easy for the iPhone.  You can try this job if you have experience with it.

Water certainly can stick up between the backlight and LCD. You must remove the water from there. A backlight is not expensive; you can resolder or desolder it easily. To do this job, peel off the old one and resolder the new one. After that, stick it again to the LCD.

Go iPhone repair center:

How to repair water damaged iPhone. After applying the following tips, if your phone doesn’t recover or start and you also again as the same question, it is time to go to the iPhone repair center. For better service, you should go to the Apple repair center. They offer various services with a warranty card or without a warranty card. Though their service price is high, it’ll better for your exclusive device.

If you don’t go there, you have another option. You just find out the best iPhone repair center around you who provide professional service. Must try to know, they have experienced and expert technician.

Next step after recovering water damaged iPhone:

How to repair water damaged iPhone properly. Now check out a few tips below. After fixing the water damaged iPhone, you should check it on how to work it as before. To check it, you need to do the following task.

  • Back up your iPhone after turning it back on. Do it immediately so that you can realize the phone works well.
  • Most of the Home Button of the damaged phone doesn’t work. If the Home Button doesn’t work, you should use assistive touch.
  • If the iPhone headphone jack doesn’t work after repairing the water damaged iPhone. You should try a USB dock or Bluetooth headphones to play sound.
  • If the power button doesn’t work, it is difficult to power off or power-on of the device. To solve this issue, keep your phone on charge and turned on to use it. If the phone turns off, plug it again and turn on the phone.


How much does it cost to repair water damaged iPhone

Repair Cost:

How much to repair water damaged iPhone 6. We recommend you to get your water damaged iPhone at the Apple repair store. It’ll a great job because the service is excellent.

The iPhone repairing cost starts from $129 in the Apple repair store and it is only for the older phone. But the cost for the brand new Apple iPhone will go up to $ 329. Those prices will work for that iPhone which one is out-of-warranty. Before taking a repair service, you might accomplish their pre-service instructions. It helps you to protect your information including your ID and the proof of purchase.

Replacement Cost:

Apple enables to replace the device with reasonable money while your phone way out off warranty. If you have a warranty card with support time, you can save a lot of money.

There are various prices to fix the water damaged devices. The price depends on the model of the phone. Water damaged iPad replacement cost start from $49 in AppleCare+ replacement. If you want to replace any device, you can do it that start from $249.

When you want to replace your iPhone, you will pay another price for it. The prices also change according to the model.  To replace the devices, you should count from $149 to $ 329. For AppleCare+ replacement, you may count from $49 to $99.

Bottom line:

Water damaged iPhone issue is indeed difficult to solve. We hope this article will help you to repair your iPhone at a regular price. If you think this post is helpful for you, you can share it with others. They also get usefulness from here.

Where to repair iPhone screen near me in Florida, USA

Did you ever dropped down your iPhone and searched for where to repair iPhone near you? I think most of us will answer- yes. It doesn’t even matter how much we try to be careful about our iPhone; we may drop them unconsciously or accidentally. It eventually consequences the screen crack or damages the display. Sometimes, the cracks are minor that they don’t affect anything serious at all. Whereas, some cracks are so extensive that the screen needs to be replaced away.

Besides, the iPhone and iPad are not free from faults. Sometimes, many users complain that they are facing multiple issues like- sudden restart, freezing, overheating, excessive battery drainage, etc. with their iPhone. A few things work behind an iPhone malfunction or running slow from time to time.

Though taking care of yourself is the primary solution to most of the problems, you will face a hard time if you want to fix the problem by yourself. In these cases, to repair it quickly, you have the only option to take the device into a store.

Where to take an iPhone for repair in Florida??

There are a lot of stores to take an iPhone for repair offer low-cost, quick, and quality repairs to the people. For those who are facing difficulty to get their devices fixed, Phone Fashion is one of the most popular professional iPhone, Smartphone, IPad repair center in Florida. Phone Fashion is such a reliable place where to repair my iPhone without long waits.

It is really challenging to find out high quality and reliable iPhone repair center. Many consumers are concern about hiring an employee from a comparatively unknown repair center. Many employees of repairing companies don’t have proper knowledge, technical acquirement, experience, and capability to design a website perfectly. So, what should you do?

Outsource the best repair center to get the best possible result. We have ‘x’ years of experience in this field. We always try to maintain our standards to satisfy our clients. Our expert and experienced team will help to provide you with the best possible service.

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Phone Fashion Services:

Providing device repairing services with a kind of satisfaction and demands of customers is always challenging. We always love to accept these kinds of challenges. We are optimistic about ensuring our quality, capability, dedication, and sincerity.

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iPhone Repair Service:

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In our daily life, we all rely on our devices. However, when our iPhone or Smartphone gets damaged, it becomes impossible to go through our virtual activities. And so, Phone Fashion is playing a significant role in putting us out of this situation. All of the technicians have professional experience and provide quality service that there will no issue with fixed devices. So if you are from Florida and think about where to repair iPhone, then visit any of our branches to enhance your phone servicing experience. Any of our Phone Fashion service center will be the right choice for you to get the best service at an affordable cost.