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Quickest Solution on How to Unlock an iPhone

In this modern era, everybody firmly depends on the smartphone. If you are owning an iPhone, then you must know how difficult it is if your iPhone gets stuck to a certain network/carrier.

So this article is for all those iPhone users who want to know how to unlock an iPhone. Here we will discuss how to keep the iPhone unlocked permanently.

The basic and mandatory problem that every smartphone user faces is locking by a particular network. An iPhone user suffers badly in this blocking problem. Because of ignorance about unlocking, they often get disappointed by the iPhone.

So when you will understand if your  iPhone is locked?

With some simple syndrome, you can claim that your iPhone has locked. If you enter your new sim and don’t connect to the Internet or can’t make any call to anyone, then your iPhone is locked to its current carrier.

This locking happens if you buy an older iPhone to anyone. If you buy the iPhone recently, from any iPhone store, then your phone will be all ok to accept any carrier provided by you.

So if your new sim is not working in the iPhone you inherited or bought 2nd hand, then this iPhone is locked.

Anyway, we are here to make you relax. You can definitely use the locked iPhone, and we will provide the ultimate and legal solution to it.

If your iPhone is locked, then it confirms that it clings your iPhone to its previous network. So now you need to vanish the lock and enable your iPhone to suit and accept the new network/carrier.

Now many of us will ask if the unlocking is legal to the iPhone’s manufacturer or loyalty policy? Well, let us a talk on it to clear any of your questions regarding unlocking legality.

Is iPhone unlocking legal or illegal?

If you have paid the money to buy the iPhone, then you own the iPhone wholly. But if you are in a contract to pay the bill for your iPhone slowly and didn’t pay the whole rent, then you didn’t own the phone yet.

So once you have paid the full bill, then as an owner you can unlock the iPhone. It’s your iPhone now and you deserve full authority to change its network/carrier. It’s legal and you need not take permission from anyone.

But if you are still in the payment process, then you don’t have the legal right to apply for it’s unlocking.

Once you have paid all the bills of the iPhone, you can move to unlock. Now we will inform you-

How to unlock your iPhone?

Since they lock your iPhone to the new network/carrier, we would like to recommend you-

Contact your network provider:

Most often, the server or network you choose will arrange an unlocking service for you. So doing the process you need to contact with the service provider. Contact with them and apply for their customer service.

If you are not using the original SIM, then you need to buy a brand new original SIM. After that, you are ready to contact them and ask for help.

To contact the provider, you need to put your previous SIM along with the new network/carrier. Then you need to contact your new network provider and be ready to receive any code or call from them.

So you can solve the problem and use your new SIM.

Getting help from online third party service provider:

Another popular option can be to seek help from an online iPhone servicing website. Though there are some online scammers, you can find out a best website or service provider to unlock your iPhone.

Here, you need to know of their terms and conditions and inquire if they have any hidden charge. After confirming everything, you can unlock your phone online sitting remote from any corner of the earth. So it’s useful and comfortable in this sense.

Now you can compare and contrast any service provider with the help of Google. So, check the third party iPhone service provider with your own responsibility.

How to unlock an iPhone with a sim card

  1. To start the unlocking process, you need to know that all your phone data will be removed permanently. So it’s a brilliant idea to keep your SIM card and device info before unlocking.
  2. If you don’t have an internet connection, connect your iPhone to your laptop/PC with an USB cord. After connecting with an USB cable, install the iTunes app and connect the iPhone to its backup and recovery system.
  3. This iTunes app will back up all your info and data in your cloud email. Thus you have saved all your valuable info.
  4. In the next step, remove your old SIM from the SIM socket and put your new SIM over there.
  5. Now you are ready to take the unblocking service.

How to unlock an iPhone without a sim card

  1. You need to do the unlock service in your iPhone if you are not holding the original SIM.
  2. To do this process, you need to restore and reset your device.
  3. First thing first, with the help of icloud or iTunes you need to restore all your data to your PC/laptop.
  4. Then you need to reset your device. Go to settings and then click general and finally reset the set. It will erase all your data from the iPhone.
  5. Then you need to remove the previous SIM and insert the new one.

So finally you are ready to take the unlocking service.

How much should you pay to the unlocking service provider?

You need to go for quality not for quantity. If you want to get a permanent unlocking service, then you need to choose the best service provider for you. We will always recommend you to judge the quality of the service that you will take.

Later, you need to think of your pocket obviously. Good News! Unlocking an iPhone is very budget-friendly. If you get the help of your network/carrier operator, then you probably go to get free service.

Nowadays, some carriers included some fees to get access to the unlocking service. But they will never cost you more than $20. IPhone unlocking service starts from $8 and ends in $25. If any operator or third party service provider claims more than this range, then you need not take their help.

So, hopefully this article has answered and removed all your doubts and questions regarding unlocking an iPhone. Keep tuned with us. Share with your near and dear. Help others to get benefited from our site. Thank you.