iPhone users face many common iPhone problems with their device. Generally, most common iPhone problems take place when people transfer data from the old ones to new ones, launch a new app on their iPhone, or update their device to the latest iOS.

These problems that you may face with your iPhones can have many reasons, such as software and hardware related issues or some bug in iOS.  In some cases, fixing the iPhone problem through troubleshooting is an easy affair. Whereas, some problems are really complex and sophisticated indeed.

Experts and i-technicians already disclose most of the common problems and their fixes to get your device just working again. Here, we will discuss a few problems and the essential guide to fixing issues that you can try before visiting any i-expert or Apple support.


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Apple iPhone problems and solutions:

In this article, we have put together 8- most common iPhone problems with their fixes to get your device working again. This article will let you a better experience with your iPhone.

iPhone White screen of death:

You may encounter a situation when the iPhone gets stuck at the white screen. This white screen of death can occur because of jailbreak, hardware problems, or failed upgrades. In this situation, you can restart the device to resolve the issues. If you fail to solve the issue, then reset your iPhone. Again, if a factory reset fails to fix the problem, boot your device in DFU mode.

Keep in mind that DFU booting clears all the data and settings of your iPhone. So, if you don’t have iTunes or iCloud backup, then you should recover your data through Stellar Recovery for iPhone before booting your iPhone in DFU mode.

iPhone black screen for death:

If your iPhone falls or slips out of your hand, spilling water on it, jailbreak, malware, bad firmware, or updating an app, then the black screen could take place. To solve the problem, you should completely charge the iPhone first to rule out the battery issue and then press the home button.

After waiting for a few minutes, if the icon doesn’t appear, then Force restart your iPhone to fix the issue. You can also reset your iPhone to get back the device working again.

Overheating iPhone:

Getting notification like- ” iPhone needs to cool down before you can use it” is not a new thing. Complaints against overheating of various iPhone models is a common issue around the world. Reports of the explosion also disappoint the users as well.

To fix the problem of overheating, you should go away from the heat or sunlight and take the iPhone to a cooler place first. You can remove the iPhone case and stop using or switch the iPhone off for sometimes to cool it down.

If these steps don’t reduce temperature immediately, then deeper troubleshooting is required to fix the problem. Otherwise, the internal components may get damaged by the overheating.

iPhone stuck on Apple logo:

iPhone can get stuck on the Apple logo due to several reasons. It can occur due to software conflict, deletion of iOS files, hardware issues, jailbreak, failed iOS update, running expiry beta version, retrieving data from backup, etc.

You can resolve this problem by restarting or resetting the iPhone, or putting the iPhone in Recovery Mode.

Touch screen is not working:

If the touch screen of your iPhone is not responding, then make sure that the screen is dry and clean. If it fails to resolve the issue, then restart the iPhone.

Again, if the hard reset does not work, then clear the cache data and free up storage space. In case the screen cracked, it is better to take the iPhone to the authorized Apple service center.

Speaker not working:

If you could not hear sound from your iPhone, then make sure that either the iPhone is in silent mode or not.  If the volume button is all up, but you still cannot hear the sound, then restart your iPhone first.If not, then the problem could be of hardware. In this case, going for a professional solution is a great option, indeed.

Problems with Bluetooth:

Unable or fail to pair with another Bluetooth device is one of the common iPhone problems. You need to turn off and on the Bluetooth and restart the iPhone.

If none works, then go to settings->Bluetooth-> Forget the device and later try again to connect it. The “Reset” option can also solve this problem. But this way erases all the saved settings completely.

Camera Roll Crash:

Camera Roll crash causes loss of all photos and videos that you have stored on your iPhone. Due to this problem, you will not be able to perform any activity on existing photos or videos on your iPhone.

In this case, the factory setting is the only solution to resolve the camera roll crash. Make sure a backup before factory reset, as these iPhone solutions lead to complete loss of data of your iPhone.

Other’s Problems:

Along with these iPhone problems, there is few more common iPhone problems like- water damage, rapid battery drain, iTunes Error 3194, sensor problem, face id access problem, Wi-Fi connection problem, etc. occurs on iPhones.

All these mentioned problems have an initial solution to restart the iPhone. If not, Reset the iPhone or updated it to the latest firmware.


If you are having any problems with your iPhone, please go through this article at once. In the above compilation, we have discussed 8- common iPhone problems and their fixes to ensure your trouble-free experience with your iPhone.

We hope all these fixes will help you out when your iPhone starts acting up. If you are having such issues that we don’t describe here or you have any solution that works better than ours, let us know about them by dropping your comments below.


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