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How Do I Find a Quality iPhone or iPad Repair Company Near Me?

If the warranty period of your iPhone or iPad is over and you are not comfortable as to repair the one you are facing any issue. The last thing that you can do is to take your iPhone or iPad to a third-party service center. In this article, we are going to discuss how you should find a quality iPhone or iPad repair company near you.

Well, most of the times, your iPhone or iPad is covered with Apple Care warranty. And if you wish, you can also subscribe to Apple Care+ with some extra expense. But, what if your servicing period is no more valid? Well, you have no option but to contact a third-party repair company that can solve the issue and gives back your iPhone and iPad repaired.  But the problem that you may face is finding one near you that provides you the best service and on whom you can rely. Here’s how to find and choose the right iPhone or iPad repair company near you:

iPhone Repair Company Near Me

Research on Online

You may sense it through your common sense. The Internet has brought the business online. So, search on your search engine to find your nearest repair company online at first. If the company is good, it must have some good reviews on Google Businesses or Yelp with contact information in their pages. Try to browse their social media pages and see how the customers are reviewing them.

By the way, if you find them absence in social media or find them without any official website, we would recommend you to search for another company who has these. A good and credible repair company must have online presence and feedback in public to let others know about their customer care.

Again, it is also important to see whether the iPhone repair company you are looking for is near your location. If it is far from you, you may need courier service to send your device and wait for more days to get that delivered. We do not recommend you sending your phone far away unless you do not have any good repair company near you.

Get to know the Pricing

A good repair company uses a price list and make that available public on its website and social media pages. There should be nothing confidential about pricing. A price list will help you compare and contrast among the iPhone repair companies near you and choose one that provides the best service at a reasonable price. Pricing will include labor and parts price and that is not supposed to be different very much from company to company.

However, always keep in mind that the company that is offering the lowest price in your area does not mean that they are the best company in the field. So, do not be over-joyed and allured if you find a company that is offering almost a half price than other companies.

You should never compromise the quality servicing for price. For example, usually an iPhone screen replacement cost about $80 to $115, but if you get a company that offers you to get that done in $40 or $50, there must be something wrong. You can assume that they are not using the authentic product, but counterfeit ones from a third-party manufacturer of the parts. So, always keep careful attention to the price. Comparing and contrasting price between repair companies might provide you an estimate about the cost you might need to pay.


You need to ask your repair company about whether they warranty about their work. If it is a good company, it should serve you with warranty about their workmanship, if not about the parts. You should at least get a warranty period of 90 days or longer to make sure that you can come back to the company in case you face any issues related to their repairing.

And another thing you should ask the repair company is how do they compensate if accidentally they break your iPhone/iPad or any part of it. If they are a reputable company, they must have a reasonable answer to this kind of questions.

Time Frame for Repairing

This is probably the most important thing to you. If you love your iPhone or iPad, you must be concerned about when you will get your back to your hand. Ask the repair company about the estimated time that they may take to repair your iPhone/iPad. If they are experienced enough, they can give you a deadline to finish their work by a certain date. They are supposed to provide you with a receipt about when they can drop off.

However, this time frame of return may vary from company to company and the problem your iPhone/iPad comes with. By the way, it should not take them more time to repair a smashed screen unless any other issue is in there. It may take around 1 hour or something more to get that glass changed. However, note that, if there is a queue before you, you may need to wait for more to get your iPhone back.

Be careful not to leave your iPhone for days in screen changing issue. It should not take more than 2 hours if they start working on it. If they ask you for leaving your iPhone there, just walk away and find another company that can serve you within the very day.

However, if the issue is serious in your iPhone, that is if issues like liquid damage affect your phone, it may take much time and it may seem hard to estimate the time it may take to get repaired. By the way, the time it may take depends on the work efficiency of the workers. If they are quick and experienced, 1 to 3 days should be enough to get your work done.

However, if you have got smashed screens on an iPad or iPod, that may take more time to get repaired. You can yet expect a 24 hours turnaround time.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right iPhone or iPad repair company may seem difficult. But, you should not compromise on finding one that comes with good service and backup. So, ask your friends near you and search online to find the best iPhone or iPad repair company near you.