Swam your iPhone 7 in the water? Are you thinking about what should you do now with wet the phone? We are here who are ready to share our best experience with you about this issue.

Dropped iPhone 7 in water or the bath is a common issue in the world. Water damage isn’t an individual problem. Anyone can face it at any time. But it has a few solutions that we discuss in this post.

We can share the best tips to survive your phone, but we don’t give any guarantee. From this post, you can get a few strategies with a water damaged iPhone 7.

Some essential tips and tricks

As the first step, take some quick action that can save your water damage iPhone 7 from going to a worse position. These steps can repair your phone at the primary level or can increase the chance of having well.

Power off: 

The first and foremost duty with dropped iPhone 7 in water is to turn off the device. Though it is a model phone, you can remove the battery quickly. Luckily, it can happen that your device will start work like past time after pulling it from the water. Most of the time, the electric equipment when falling in water must wet and the functionality can damage. So, power off the phone is the most critical step that helps your device to recover as early.

Take off all covers & ports:

iPhone 7 includes a pop-up sim card tray. Remove the card from it by inserting the end of the paper clip. It is a small hole that is on the right side of the device. Put off the cover case. Don’t plug it in mistakenly. Try to sure that the water has gotten in. If your device wet, try to dry them.

How to get water out of iPhone 7:

By using dry cloths, try to immerse up the water from the charging port, the headphone jack, and any other gaps. You can use cotton or toothpick to try to absorb excess water from the headphone jack or any other hole. One of the most common and best ways to dry the wet phone is to keep it in a sunny location. It helps the phone to dry immediately.

How to dry iphone7:

There are a few better options that will call for drying the iPhone 7 dropped in water. They are:

Step1-Silica gel: 

Silica gel is a better option to wipe water damaged devices. It is a small packet that mainly made for electronic work. Take some of them and try to cover your iPhone on them. It works well to dry the wet iPhone more effectively. You should leave it at least 48 hours into those pockets to dry out thoroughly the phone.

Step-2 DIY repair:

You can do DIY repair if you have the experience, and you have the confidence to repair your iPhone at home. But it has more risk of damage than repairing. You can take out the battery and internal nooks and crannies so that you can dry inside water. To do this job, you need to open the part of the phone. Use proprietary kinds of screwdriver head to unscrew the bottom screws.

Step 3-Let the phone dry:

Let the phone dry in airflow. Keep it open space, in front of a fan, or beside the window where you feel save. But avoid keeping it in the oven to dry so fast. You should also avoid using compressed air, cotton swab, and paper towel.

Step 4-Avoid rice to dry:

Keep in mind that rice is not a solution to wipe the wet device. It becomes worse than right. It may not be a good idea for your water damaged phone. Rice can damage the port, and your phone will become unusual.

Go to Apple genius:

After trying to remove the excess water from the inner side of the phone, at least wait 48-72 hours to dry the device normally. Now give it a charger for a short time. Give it sometimes. Then try to switch on the device.

You are so lucky when your phone is live again as before. Otherwise, you should go to Apple genius for iphone 7 water damage repair. If you have a warranty card, it will work well for you. You can repair your water damaged iPhone 7 within a low price.

6. Use waterproof case:

Though water isn’t a death sentence, it is not suitable for your iPhone or iPad. As a protective, you should use a waterproof case for your iPhone that saves it from any water damage. It is an essential and better option to lighter the risk.

Most of people love to read an e-book or browse the web in the bath or on the sea-beach. In this case, you can use a waterproof case to save your phone and enjoy your bath with your lovely iPhone.

Use water-resistant iPhone:

By using a waterproof case, the risk can’t go completely. It also has a few chances. So please select a water resistance iPhone to use without any trouble. Apple updated its device day today. Now, they come with some water-resistance iPhone that you can try to avoid water damage issues.

There is a various model has come with IP ratings such as iphone7, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus, and iphone7 plus. You can select what you choose from them.

Don’t do it:

Don’t try to power on after pulling the phone from the phone when it has powered off for water damage. Don’t make any severe decisions instantly. Keep quiet and follow the following steps.

Apple doesn’t allow you to swim with your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus. You should keep your device in a safe place when you are going to the beach or bath. Don’t forget to keep the warranty card for this device because it can work at this worse time.

Finally, now you have got a few precautions that you should know. It informs you what you need to do with your dropped iPhone 7 in water.


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