Why is your phone not charging? Are you asking or thinking about it yourself? Nothing to worry. It isn’t a single issue of you. Many of the people have also faced such this problem daily. We have a few great solutions to this problem.

Through this post, we will share our fantastic idea with you. If you follow them, you can repair your phone at home without going to any expert intervention.

Let’s look at some tips and tricks that help the phone to make over with battery up and running. The tips look easy and simple but they work well definitely and effectively for both Android smartphone and iPhones.

Phone not Charging

Common reasons for the phone not charging

1. Check USB port:

When your phone isn’t charged, you need to check the USB port. If the charger doesn’t connect with the inside of the micro USB properly, your phone doesn’t charge. After using more and more time, minor hardware can defect and it will be the main cause of improper contact. So, check the USB port and find out what the problem has in it.

2. Clean the charging port:

Charging port is a very small part that can be dirt or dust when the phone we keep in our pocket or purse. This dust or dirt can make obstacle to make the charge on the phone. They work against proper contact between the charger port and the USB port. To solve this problem, you should clean the charger port with the help of a simple blow of air. If this method won’t work, try toothpick or toothbrush to remove any dirt carefully. This process is very helpful for lightning the charger port and helps to contact your phone like the past.

3. Try different cable or socket:

My iPhone won’t charge. Oh, if it happens, you can try different cable or socket. Most of the time, the original cable of the phone can’t work after a time. At that time, you need to change the cable. But don’t pick some low-quality cables to use that will make more problems to charge. Sometimes the socket that you have been using a long time can useless. So check the old socket and replace it if need.

4. Check adapter:

If you don’t want to use a cable, you can use the wall or other adapters. It is good for the phone. But it will better to charge the phone where the adapter and the charger are separate. Before using the adapter, check it carefully so that it won’t create any problem on your phone later.

5. Check power source:

When your phone won’t charge, you might check the power source. Sometimes the power source won’t work that you have been using for a long time. If the power source won’t work properly, your phone won’t charge. So, solve the power source problem and then charge your phone.

6. Don’t use it while charging:

Most of the time, all of us make a great mistake that we use our phone even when it is in charge. It isn’t good for both of us and the phone. So, don’t use the phone while charging. It’ll damage the battery and also damage the important function of the phone very soon.

7. Avoid running apps in the background:

There are many active and functional apps we install on our phones. Most of the apps we keep running at the background of the phone. Though they make your smartphone smarter and stylish, they are worse for the battery of your phone. They damage your phone gradually and at last, the battery of the phone can’t work and can’t charge. So, avoid all running apps to install and use in the background of the phone.

8. Don’t use app that worse for phone:

A lot of apps have been creating daily. But all of them are not good for the phone. There have such apps that will damage the battery of your android or iPhone quickly. So, select the best apps and then install them to use on your phone.

9. Restart your phone:

Android or iPhone is an electric device. So, they can worsen or will make a little bit disturb at any time. It isn’t a big matter. If you think, your phone won’t charge for any simple wrong. You should reboot it. To perform a reboot, simply hold the power button and beat the restart button. After it, your phone will restart and can take charge like before.

10. Replace the battery:

Why is my phone not charging? Yes, your phone won’t charge and it has many reasons. But for this problem battery is the main problem. We know the battery of the phone is a very important part. Without it, your phone is useless. After a time, the battery of the phone will damage. Then you need to replace it very soon. But keep in mind, don’t replace the low-quality battery in your phone. It will destroy the function of the phone quickly.

11.  Update the software:

The regular software update is essential to develop the performance and the experience of the user. If your phone has a problem, it’ll better to update the software on the phone. It works well to charge the battery. You also can do it even your battery is well. It keeps your phone full running without any trouble.

12.  Water injury:

Sometimes our phone will go to water for our carelessness job. It makes the battery damage. So, it may the main cause of not charging your phone. At that time, you need to replace the battery. Otherwise, you must go to the phone repair center or customer care.

Bottom line:

Through this post, we hope, we could share our valuable experiences about the phone not charging with you. We know they will help you to work instantly when you will face the charger problem suddenly. After all that we recommend you not to force with the phone for any function. Avoid using the cheap replacement battery, charger, cable, and other accessories. They are worse for the phone and its battery.

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